Maths on the Move

What is Maths on the Move?

Maths on the Move is a unique and innovative programme that uses the concept of physically active learning to enhance children’s confidence and attainment in maths.

Designed by teachers, for teachers, the programme’s content was developed in line with the national curriculum. Covering all learning outcomes for KS1 and KS2, the program can be tailored to suit the requirements of your school and the individual needs of your pupils.

Supporting catch up learning 

Lockdown saw teachers transform they way they teach, going above and beyond for their pupils. Yet the impact of 4 months without face-to-face learning are inescapable:

  • On average, children have spent 2.5 hours a day doing school work in lockdown
  • Over 2 million children did no schoolwork, or less than one hour a day

The government has announced a one-off universal £650 million catch-up premium for schools in the academic year 2020-21 to ensure all schools have the support to help all pupils make up for lost teaching time.

Maths on the Move can help to support pupils catch-up by bridging the gaps in their learning due to the lockdown period. 

Programme key features:

  • Designed in line with national curriculum, therefore MOTM lessons can run parallel to classroom teaching
  • Covers whole curriculum content from years 1-6 with 36 lessons per year group 
  • Personalised planning via online portal
  • Tailored lesson plans to suit all abilities

  • Bespoke work booklet for each pupil recording their progress and attainment across the programme
  • See your pupil’s progress through half termly and end of year impact reports
  • Clear data for evidencing premium spend to OFSTED
  • Helps your pupils reach their daily activity targets

Cognitive performance

Research has shown that physical activity facilitates brain function by improving concentration, accuracy, and efficiency.

Learning environment

A physically active context, and an alternative learning environment, allows your pupils to view maths from a different perspective.

Purpose and retention

Pupils are actively involved in each MOTM lesson, creating memorable learning experiences that increase the chance of knowledge retention.

How are schools using MOTM?
The program content as well as the individual lessons can be tailored to suit your school as well as your pupil’s individual needs. Here are some of the ways schools are already using MOTM:

  • SATS boosters
  • Group interventions
  • Gifted and talented sessions
  • Curriculum enrichment

How is the program structured?
The program covers the whole curriculum content from years 1-6 in autumn, spring, and summer term blocks. Each block separates its content into 12 lessons.

For each block, every pupil will receive a resource booklet bespoke to the program in which they will record their attainment and confidence scores. Perceived confidence scores are recorded at the start and end of each block. Attainment scores are recorded each lesson and calculated from a set of pre and post lesson questions.

The blocks can be delivered in any order and can be taken from a different year group’s work scheme to that of the pupils in the class. The program was designed with flexibility in mind, allowing for a targeted approach to best support the needs of your pupils.

Impact Data - What's Included?
Maths on the Move has been designed to provide you will all the information you need about the program’s impact on your pupils. Data is collected from each pupil’s individual work booklets which are filled out each lesson. 

You will receive impact reports each half term that will show:

  • Attainment scores for each pupil, each lesson
  • Confidence scores for each pupil, across the program
  • Overall trends in areas of strength/weakness, individually and collectively

Impact data reports, alongside the online portal, provide you with the progress tracking needed to evidence premium spending to OFSTED

Funding MOTM
MOTM can be funded in a number of ways:


  • PE & school sport premium
  • Pupil premium
  • Catch-up premium
  • Core budget


The MOTM program has been updated to ensure it is safe and adheres to government guidelines. Here are the steps that have been taken:

  • Limited amount equipment used so lessons can take place outside where possible
  • Each pupil will be given their own individual whiteboard and pen to minimise sharing
  • Updated online platform to include updates lesson plans and continue to provide you with progress data
  • Working with schools on timetabling and risk assessments in line with their policies

Watch this short video explaining the program’s COVID-19 protocol.

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