To book please find your course below. You can filter by venue by clicking on the drop-down arrow.

To pay with Childcare vouchers please input the word ‘CHILDV’ in the coupon code box below. .

To pay tax free, input the word ‘TAXF’ then click to apply the coupon.

Sibling discount code – uplaysibling

Please note no discounts are available when booking with childcare /tax free vouchers.

To sign up for our Tennis courses by Direct Debit please input ‘DIRECT DEBIT’ into the coupon code box below. Click here to see the direct debit plan.

These codes will zero your total and you can transfer the money via your Childcare account. Your booking will not be confirmed until we have received the funds. For DD we will contact you within 24 hours with setup instructions.

Please click read more for more info about Childcare Voucher payments