About Us

uPlay Sports was founded with the goal of getting people active! We want to help communities understand the myriad of benefits sport and physical activity can play in improving their lives. We do this through our engaging and enjoyable sports courses and camps that are available for all ages and abilities. 

Our Vision: Communities of healthy, happy people empowered by sport and physical activity.

Our Mission: To encourage lifelong participation and a healthy relationship with sport and physical activity by delivering engaging experiences that empower individuals to lead happy and fulfilling lives.


Our Values

Here at uPlay Sports we want everyone to R.E.A.C.H their potential and understand the intrinsic link between a healthy relationship with sport and physical activity and a happy and fulfilling life.

We do this by focusing on FUN, PARTICIPATION and PROGRESSION within all of our sessions and ensuring that we always reflect our R.E.A.C.H values.

Sport and physical activity not only helps us develop physically, but it is also invaluable to our social, emotional and mental development. Additionally, it teaches us values that are integral to becoming well rounded, independent and resilient individuals, setting us up to lead happy and fulfilling lives.

Our R.E.A.C.H values:

Respect – for ourselves, our teammates, coaches, opponents, officials, rules, winning and losing.

Effort – in every aspect of what we do. To always have a go, always try your best.

Achievement –  means moving forwards and does not always mean winning. It can take many forms, including completing a task or goal no matter how big or small, sometimes by big strides and sometimes by tiny footsteps.

Co-operation – working with others in order to achieve more.

Honesty – fairness, sincerity, truthfulness and trustworthiness. True achievement cannot be accomplished without this.