This years first lockdown affected everyone in different ways, but it impacted us all. Suffice to say, lots of things have changed this year. One of these changes, for many of us, was being propelled into a more sedentary lifestyle. The small bits of activity that added up in our daily lives, such as walking to school or work, were no longer the norm. 
An unfamiliar sight: courts empty during lockdown.

During the lockdown, the number of children reaching their activity targets fell from 47% to just 19%.(1)

For adults, the story was a little more complex. Some were doing more exercise than before lockdown whilst others were managing less. However, since the lifting of the restrictions, those meeting the recommended weekly levels trended downwards. 32% during the initial lockdown period (March-May) became 24% by the end of October.(2) 

Amongst all these many changes, one thing that has remained the same is the importance of regular physical activity in supporting physical and mental health. This relationship is one we are all becoming more familiar with. On average 63% of adults said they used exercise as a tool for supporting their mental health during the lockdown.(3)

During this second lockdown, it is important that we remember this relationship, and try to prioritise some form of daily physical activity. With the closing down of sports facilities up and down the country we want to continue to support you with ways to keep active during this difficult time. The benefits of physical activity don’t end when you step off the court after one of our classes or camps, and we don’t want our positive impact to do so either. 

We have put together some resources to help you get active every day, we think they are too good not to share.

uPlay Sports Challenges

Last lockdown our coaches came up with some challenges for you to have a go at, at home. We’ve added these to a handy YouTube playlist so you can find them all in one place. 



LTA: Tennis at home 

The LTA has put together a wealth of resources including home tennis exercises, activity cards, and challenges to explore qualities such as resilience, perseverance, and passion. We couldn’t recommend their website enough. 



The Body Coach

We really admire Joe Wicks’ commitment to getting the nation moving during the first lockdown with his fantastic ‘PE with Joe’ series. His YouTube channel has a huge variety of quick workouts for everyone and anyone. 

Where: Search ‘The Body Coach TV’ on YouTube


Travel to Tokyo

Did your family miss watching the Olympics this summer? Team GB and Paralympics GB have created a Tokyo themed home learning pack with a range of activities for parents to do with their children at home. At Multi-Sports Camp this summer we ran a ‘Design your own Olympic sport’ challenge. Take a look at some of the results below.